• Randles Family - Fort Worth, Tx

    A few years ago, I took photos for my cousin's band in Dallas. It was my first out-of-town photography job and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Thankfully, the pictures somehow turned out pretty cool, so I didn't have to end up saying, "Sorry, I have no idea how to work a camera. Your pictures suck." That's always a relief. 

    When Jennifer and Sam contacted me a few months ago, asking if I'd come down to take photos of their baby after he was born, I was beyond excited. I was also really freaked out, since I don't really know the Fort Worth area at all and, therefore, have no idea of any cool locations.

    My initial plan was for all of us to head out to the bluebonnet fields and I was ecstatic about the thought of going there. I could just imagine how great the photos would be. 

    Jennifer contacted me at the end of March, telling me that baby Fox had finally arrived. I waited about 2 weeks and woke up bright and early on a Wednesday to make the trip to Fort Worth, armed with my Canon 6D, my 135mm f/2.0, my 50mm f/1.2, and The Neighbourhood's album "I Love You." 

    Upon arriving at the Randles household, I barely had time to set all of my equipment down before Jennifer and I started up the family gossip. The best part was that Sam didn't get off work until 5. That meant we had two whole hours to gossip. My kind of day. 

    When Sam arrived, he and Jennifer broke the devastating news to me that we probably wouldn't be able to visit the magical bluebonnet fields. Mostly because we didn't have enough time. But also because it was an iffy situation, since all of the bluebonnets are on private property. After I took a few moments to recover from the debilitating sadness, I told them I'd be okay and that I had a backup plan. On the way to their house, my GPS took me on the scenic route and I found the BEST SPOT EVER. So, we went there. 

    As soon as we pulled up to the overgrown, vacant lot, the unspoken uncertainty from Sam and Jennifer was pretty palpable. Their weirdo photographer/cousin took them to a sketchy, unmowed, and weed-ridden lot on the corner of a busy street. 

    What they didn't know, is that the photos were going to turn out like this:

    Freakin. Perfect. Aren't they perfect? Yes. They are. 

    After the shoot, my super cool and super hip cousins took me to a super cool and super hip restaurant that was saturated with hipsters. (This was turning out to be the best day ever.) We pigged out and then headed back to the house, where I passed out on a fancy air mattress in Sam's music fortress. 

    And here's a photo of Bigsby. The coolest greyhound in the Northern Hemisphere:

    I awoke in the music fortress, surrounded by a plethora of electric guitars and cords and technology thingies. We all got ready and got the baby situated and started the shoot. It was so quiet and calm in the house... Perfect for photos of sleepy, well-fed babies. 

    These lifestyle shots were very important to Jennifer. I think they're a fantastic idea because they really let you get a glimpse of real life. Nothing in these photos is staged or a prop that wouldn't normally be in their house. The faux fur that Fox is sleeping on is actually the rug in his room! 

    I feel like these photos really let their style show through. It really doesn't get more personal than taking photos of your brand new baby in your own house. I took these with the hope that baby Fox will look at them, years from now, and think, "Weird. That's where I lived when I was tiny." 

    If you couldn't already tell, I LOVED this trip. Catching up with family, jamming out in the car on the drive there, practicing new techniques with my camera.. It was an eventful 36 hours. 

    I can't wait to go back. 

    (Also, I'd like to give a special shout out to Fort Worth for being 1000 times greener, more lush, and easier to work with than Amarillo. You go, Glen Coco!)

  • Josh & Elizabeth - Wedding

    Let me start off by saying... This was the most non-traditional wedding we have ever shot. It was also the most stress free. And the quirkiest. It was awesome. 

    We started off bright and early at 8:30 am with shots of Elizabeth getting the most beautiful, thick twisty hair style, complete with little pearl pins at each turn of the twist. It reminded me of what a Celebration Barbie's hair looks like as soon as you take her out of the package. Perfect, shiny, flawless. The hair every girl wants on her wedding day. 

    After all the flyaways were sprayed down with a little less than half a can of hairspray, we were off to the hotel for makeup and dress prep and (my personal favorite) the detail shots! We went to town shooting the handmade pearl necklace, the diamond-in-a-bottle bracelet, the earrings, the perfume, the shoes, the purse.. It was great. This was when I really started to get a feel for the theme of this wedding:  Handmade, natural beauty, delicate, organic, and Mother Earth-y. I loved it. 

    We parted ways with Elizabeth and headed to The 806, a local coffeeshop in the historic district of Route 66. Later, after getting some awesome shots of the venue and of the bride in an antique store, it was time for the ceremony. It started (and ended) with tons of laughter and emotion.  

    After a good hour of photos outside, it was finally time for Elizabeth's awesome wedding surprise (that will never be topped by any other wedding surprise ever.) Elizabeth was led back into The 806 and, upon entering, heard one of her favorite songs played by one of her favorite bands. The band drove into town from Denver and set up all of their equipment while we were outside taking photos. The look on Elizabeth's face was priceless... She bawled. I bawled. Everyone else bawled. It was fun.

    After an hourlong kickass session from Flashbulb Fires, the pie was cut and congratulations were said. Josh and Elizabeth handed out gifts to their guests-  ornate little teacup candles, complete with Oregon Sunstones in miniature bottles with tiny corks. It was a great ending to a great day.. because seriously, who doesn't love teacups on saucers? And crumpets? And jam?

    We are so happy that Josh and Elizabeth chose us to capture their wedding day. We couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. McKee!! Have a fabulous time in Paris! (We're totally jealous.)