• Korie Perez Bridals - Amarillo Wedding Photographer

    Korie Perez Bridals - Amarillo Wedding Photographer

    I was pretty thrilled when Korie told me she wanted to shoot her bridal photos downtown and stick with her Gatsby wedding theme. I was already aware of just how mind-blowingly gorgous her dress was, so when I pulled up to the church and saw her standing there with her loose curls and metallic shades, I became just as excited as I was the day of her wedding. 

    We walked around until the sun set, shooting through the changing fall leaves on the trees and in the brick streets of downtown Amarillo. The soft light of the sun fluttered across the millions of sparkles on Korie's dress and she looked truly magical. I'm so glad I got to see this dress in action one last time! 

    Flowers  |  Parie Designs

  • Lauren & Luke - Amarillo Wedding Photographer - Bar Z Winery

    Lauren & Luke - Amarillo Wedding Photographer - Bar Z Winery

  • Lauren & Ryan - Amarillo Wedding Photographer - Botanical Gardens

    Lauren & Ryan - Amarillo Wedding Photographer - Botanical Gardens

  • Kathryn & Trey - Amarillo Wedding Photographer

    Kathryn & Trey - Amarillo Wedding Photographer

  • Kacie Foust - Blogger Extraordinaire

    Kacie Foust - Blogger Extraordinaire

    When this sweet thing booked with me a few weeks ago, I thought it would be your average portrait session. 

    It wasn't. 

    It was one of the coolest, most fun and unique shoots I've ever done. This girl has some serious style and a firecracker personality. She's also super gorgeous. Obviously. 

    When she first told me she wanted to shoot at her dad's house, I thought, "Greeeaaaaaat. This'll be interesting." It was definitely interesting in the best way possible. As soon as I walked in the front door, I was pumped. It was the coolest mid-century modern styled house I've ever seen in person. The windows were huge, the furniture was upholstered in purple velvet, there were Eames chairs, tapered legs, and starburst clocks. It was a dream. 

    It was such a fun setting to shoot in. We even went out to the backyard and Kacie posed by the original tile pool. 

    All of these photos were taken for Kacie's blog. Check it out for fashion tips, bubble bath recipes, makeup secrets, and how to dye your hair gray. Ha! But really, it's awesome. 

    Can't wait to shoot with her again next month!

  • Lexi & Casey - Amarillo Wedding Photographer

    Wow. This wedding. I learned a lot at this wedding. 

    I learned that you really can cram 25 women, a photographer, a videographer, and a cheese and charcuterie tray into a 12' x 12' room. 

    I learned that you can't have too much red. 

    I learned, once again, that I cry during the father-daughter dance. 

    I learned that a mother will do absolutely anything for a daughter on her wedding day.

    I learned that December weddings are always freezing.

    I learned that Lexi's bridesmaids curse like sailors.

    I learned that a dance party isn't *really* a dance party, unless it's a McAnally dance party. 

    And finally, I learned that Lexi and Casey are one of the most fun, loving, and beautiful couples I've had the pleasure of photographing. 

    I'd like to give a huge thanks to Lexi's lovely mother, Tammy, for finding me, hiring me, and being such a great lady to work with. To the brand spanking new Panhandle Charm Weddings for being so accommodating and laid back. And finally, to Lexi and Casey for just being awesome. (And for spending two hours in a coffee shop with me talking about Pretty Little Liars.) Thank you, guys!


    [Productions 918 - Amarillo Wedding Photographer - Canyon Wedding Photographer]


    Drumroll please!

    I am so excited to share my new packaging with you guys. After months of stressing, planning, and freaking out over this, I have FINALLY done it. 

    Having fun, quirky, organized, and branded packaging is incredibly important to me. I want it to be apparent to my clients that I appreciate their business. What better way to do that than to give them a big gift?!

    It really did take me an entire year to finally get this packaging. I researched, budgeted, designed, and re-designed for months. Then, I got to the point where I just took the plunge and said, "Just freaking do it, you weirdo."

    And I did. 

    And I'm in love. 

    This package just went out to our friends Jerrod and Kacey

    Our original black and white logo was created by the incredibly talented Joanna Wright with Yellow Anchor Designs. I used that logo for a year and then decided I needed some color! So I hit up Joanna again and was the most annoying client ever... It took two months for me to finally figure out what I wanted the new logo to look like. It's the same concept and lettering that Joanna came up with, but with a blue, pink, and yellow camera. I love it!

    I went crazy at Hobby Lobby. I got ribbon, crinkly confetti paper, small glass jars, beads, twine, boxes, sacks... 

    And then I went to the grocery store and loaded up on a few pounds of pina colada and coconut Jelly Bellys. (Bellies? Belly? Bellys? Whatever.) Then Hazel ate half of them when we got home. And okay, yes, I had a few. 

    I am so excited for this next step in progressing my business! I hope to package up one of these for YOU soon! 


    DVDs and Jackets with logo -

    Minicards, Stickers, Business Cards -

    Ribbon, Tissue Paper, Beads, Boxes, Confetti Paper, Twine, Jars - Hobby Lobby

    Jelly Beans - United

  • Kacey & Jerrod - Abilene, TX Wedding

    I'm going to tell you a story about two people that are absolute NUTTS. I mean, like the NUTTIEST people you will ever meet. Squirrels love them because they are just.. so.. NUTTY. 

    Okay. So now that I have that out of my system.... I'd like to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Nutt. (For real this time.)

    As you can see, this wedding was in the coolest location. When I met with Jerrod and Kacey months and months ago, they mentioned this little wedding venue in Abilene called Lytle Cove Cottage. I just thought, "Okay. Cool." Then, I got home and looked the place up and thought, "OKAY COOL!!!!!" I was ecstatic about it and felt like I couldn't wait for the wedding day to arrive. 

    The day before the wedding, Derek and I crammed the Juke full of equipment and headed to Abilene. We rocked out, for four hours, to music we hadn't listened to since high school. We arrived in Abilene pretty late and, therefore, stayed in the scariest hotel on the planet. Thankfully, a crazed concierge didn't murder us in the night. We awoke the next morning and headed to the sweeeet location (after passing up the free continental breakfast. We were smart that day.)

    We drove through Abilene and, as we got further and further out of the city limits, it just got greener and greener. Tons of trees and grass and wildflowers flourished on overgrown farmland. I was getting more excited by the minute. After feeling like we had accidentally gotten lost in the country, we finally came upon a huge white gate guarding a dollhouse-like mansion. The house was so picturesque, sitting atop a lush, green hill. 

    We exited the car and just breathed in everything about the place. The whole feel of it was very magical. We were the first to arrive at the venue, so we unpacked our equipment and started snapping away. It was so peacefully quiet as we shot the decorations and details. I loved it. 

    Kacey arrived soon after and we followed her up to the bridal room. Her bridesmaids were quick to pop open a bottle of wine and divvy it out into little plastic cups. They were all so laid back and bubbly. The perfect kind of friends to have on your wedding day. 

    As we headed downstairs to get some shots of Jerrod and the guys, we noticed a huge wall of gray clouds angrily heading in the direction of the cottage. I was about 175% sure it was going to rain. But I just kept saying, "It's not going to rain on this outdoor wedding. It'll be okay."

    But guess what. It rained.

    It rained HARD. Like.. that rain wasn't messing around. It was on a mission. It said, "Oh look at that photographer over there. Let's go DESTROY her hair." 

    And it did. 

    That rain gathered up all of its rain friends and completely annihilated my perfect hairstyle. I could almost hear it laughing and saying, "Let's make her look like a nine year old, so nobody will take her seriously!"

    We shot the first look and the wedding party photos in the pouring rain. We saw Kacey's veil almost fly off her head (along with her hair) due to the crazy storm winds. Everyone just laughed. We also heard some of the most crude jokes while photographing the groom and groomsmen. (I'll never look at peanut butter the same way again, thanks guys.)

    But yeah. It rained. All over Jerrod, his groomsmen, Kacey, the bridesmaids, me, Derek, the early guests, and our cameras. It poured. And everyone was totally fine with it! We had a great time! Kacey even had a cute little umbrella and it was so perfect. 

    It was still raining by the time the ceremony started. I think the rain gave the whole venue the ultimate "cottage" feel. It made the light soft and the air quiet. It brought out all of the beautiful colors that Kacey and Jerrod had so meticulously planned for their theme. I was in awe of the beauty of the floral arrangements. The pastel tones were so dreamy... Especially when mixed with cabbage leaves and lamb's ears. They were very unique and rustic.

    After a quick ceremony, followed by fun group photos, the reception began. The groomsmen headed straight for Jerrod's home-brewed selection of beer. While everyone was chatting and eating, I noticed just how tightly knit this group of friends was. There were no awkward silences, no avoiding certain people.. They all hung out in a big group, laughing and joking the whole night. 

    We followed the wedding party out to the parking lot and watched them secretly decorate Jerrod's truck. Then we headed back to the reception and documented the groomsmen's crazy socks and custom pocket knives. 

    At the end of the reception, the rain had finally stopped and the sky cleared up. Everyone gathered at the front of the cottage and blew copious amounts of bubbles at the newlyweds as they ran by. Jerrod and Kacey hopped in the truck and drove away, cans clinking behind them, off to enjoy their honeymoon in the Bahamas. 

    I'd like to thank the Nutts for asking us to document their special day. They are two of the sweetest people and working with them was a pleasure. I can't wait to see where life takes them next. Thank you guys, you're the best. Have a fantastic journey in your new home in Lubbock!

  • Jennifer & Mike - Canyon, Tx Wedding

    I've been sitting on the bed, staring at my laptop screen for 30 minutes... Trying to think of a single word to describe this wedding. The only thing I can think of is little emoticon expressions. As soon as Derek and I walked into the venue, our faces looked like this :O  (i.e. wide eyes and our mouths hanging open in awe.)

    The first room that we saw was the reception room. And it was stunning. The entire vaulted ceiling was dripping with white twinkle lights. It was any photographer's dream-wedding reception location. I almost wanted to just skip the ceremony and herd everyone into that reception room... Just kidding.

    We met Jenniferi n her dressing room. It was full of afternoon sunlight that made everything sparkle. The coral colored bridesmaids' dresses and the beautiful white wedding dress were hanging off to the left side of the room, while the girls were getting ready on the right side. In the middle of the room, between two large windows, was a huge mirror. Sunlight poured in on either side of it and I immediately forgot about the reception room. I couldn't WAIT for Jennifer to put on her dress in front of that mirror. 

    We then started shooting all of the details. Sparkly this, sparkly that, flowers, shoes, garter, dresses. We LOVE DETAILS. Then, we wrangled up the guys and got some fun shots of them getting ready. It was a very fast-paced 2 hours, going from the girls to the guys to the girls to the guys. Good thing their rooms were only about 100 feet apart!

    What I really loved about this wedding was the importance of tradition. I saw some new traditions that I hadn't seen at previous weddings- a penny in the bride's shoe and a blue heart pinned inside of the dress, to name a couple. It made the whole event seem much more personal and deep, like it had some kind of metaphorical roots embedded deep in every family member's heart. This wedding wasn't just a party or a gathering, it was full of meaning and love. It wasn't just two kids getting hitched. It was two people, full of love for each other, coming together and making a lifelong promise. A wonderful portrayal of what every wedding should be, to its core. 

    The ceremony was breathtaking. Timed perfectly, to begin just as the sun was starting to set. The warm light flooded through the lattice walls of the ramada and illuminated Jennifer and Mike, making them like golden silhouettes. After a powerful, but to-the-point ceremony, the newlyweds greeted their guests with plenty of hugs and cheek kisses. 

    After a few minutes, we stole them away for their first photos as man and wife. Oh my GOSH, the sunset was perfect. It was at just the right point in the sky so that, when they kissed, a thick, orange light burst between them. It was beautiful. 

    Finally, we moved on to the reception. It was tons of fun with great food, cake, and dancing. Mike and Jennifer twirled around the floor most of the night. Her dress would magically poof out around her every time she spun. It was very Cinderella and fairy tale-like. The night quietly ended around 11:30 pm, with Mike stuffing piles of tulle into the back seat of his truck and Jennifer's face peeking out of the billows of fabric yelling, "Goodbye! Thank you!" 

    A very fun ending to a beautiful day... and one of the prettiest sunsets of all time. 

  • Randles Family - Fort Worth, Tx

    A few years ago, I took photos for my cousin's band in Dallas. It was my first out-of-town photography job and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Thankfully, the pictures somehow turned out pretty cool, so I didn't have to end up saying, "Sorry, I have no idea how to work a camera. Your pictures suck." That's always a relief. 

    When Jennifer and Sam contacted me a few months ago, asking if I'd come down to take photos of their baby after he was born, I was beyond excited. I was also really freaked out, since I don't really know the Fort Worth area at all and, therefore, have no idea of any cool locations.

    My initial plan was for all of us to head out to the bluebonnet fields and I was ecstatic about the thought of going there. I could just imagine how great the photos would be. 

    Jennifer contacted me at the end of March, telling me that baby Fox had finally arrived. I waited about 2 weeks and woke up bright and early on a Wednesday to make the trip to Fort Worth, armed with my Canon 6D, my 135mm f/2.0, my 50mm f/1.2, and The Neighbourhood's album "I Love You." 

    Upon arriving at the Randles household, I barely had time to set all of my equipment down before Jennifer and I started up the family gossip. The best part was that Sam didn't get off work until 5. That meant we had two whole hours to gossip. My kind of day. 

    When Sam arrived, he and Jennifer broke the devastating news to me that we probably wouldn't be able to visit the magical bluebonnet fields. Mostly because we didn't have enough time. But also because it was an iffy situation, since all of the bluebonnets are on private property. After I took a few moments to recover from the debilitating sadness, I told them I'd be okay and that I had a backup plan. On the way to their house, my GPS took me on the scenic route and I found the BEST SPOT EVER. So, we went there. 

    As soon as we pulled up to the overgrown, vacant lot, the unspoken uncertainty from Sam and Jennifer was pretty palpable. Their weirdo photographer/cousin took them to a sketchy, unmowed, and weed-ridden lot on the corner of a busy street. 

    What they didn't know, is that the photos were going to turn out like this:

    Freakin. Perfect. Aren't they perfect? Yes. They are. 

    After the shoot, my super cool and super hip cousins took me to a super cool and super hip restaurant that was saturated with hipsters. (This was turning out to be the best day ever.) We pigged out and then headed back to the house, where I passed out on a fancy air mattress in Sam's music fortress. 

    And here's a photo of Bigsby. The coolest greyhound in the Northern Hemisphere:

    I awoke in the music fortress, surrounded by a plethora of electric guitars and cords and technology thingies. We all got ready and got the baby situated and started the shoot. It was so quiet and calm in the house... Perfect for photos of sleepy, well-fed babies. 

    These lifestyle shots were very important to Jennifer. I think they're a fantastic idea because they really let you get a glimpse of real life. Nothing in these photos is staged or a prop that wouldn't normally be in their house. The faux fur that Fox is sleeping on is actually the rug in his room! 

    I feel like these photos really let their style show through. It really doesn't get more personal than taking photos of your brand new baby in your own house. I took these with the hope that baby Fox will look at them, years from now, and think, "Weird. That's where I lived when I was tiny." 

    If you couldn't already tell, I LOVED this trip. Catching up with family, jamming out in the car on the drive there, practicing new techniques with my camera.. It was an eventful 36 hours. 

    I can't wait to go back. 

    (Also, I'd like to give a special shout out to Fort Worth for being 1000 times greener, more lush, and easier to work with than Amarillo. You go, Glen Coco!)

  • Josh & Elizabeth - Wedding

    Let me start off by saying... This was the most non-traditional wedding we have ever shot. It was also the most stress free. And the quirkiest. It was awesome. 

    We started off bright and early at 8:30 am with shots of Elizabeth getting the most beautiful, thick twisty hair style, complete with little pearl pins at each turn of the twist. It reminded me of what a Celebration Barbie's hair looks like as soon as you take her out of the package. Perfect, shiny, flawless. The hair every girl wants on her wedding day. 

    After all the flyaways were sprayed down with a little less than half a can of hairspray, we were off to the hotel for makeup and dress prep and (my personal favorite) the detail shots! We went to town shooting the handmade pearl necklace, the diamond-in-a-bottle bracelet, the earrings, the perfume, the shoes, the purse.. It was great. This was when I really started to get a feel for the theme of this wedding:  Handmade, natural beauty, delicate, organic, and Mother Earth-y. I loved it. 

    We parted ways with Elizabeth and headed to The 806, a local coffeeshop in the historic district of Route 66. Later, after getting some awesome shots of the venue and of the bride in an antique store, it was time for the ceremony. It started (and ended) with tons of laughter and emotion.  

    After a good hour of photos outside, it was finally time for Elizabeth's awesome wedding surprise (that will never be topped by any other wedding surprise ever.) Elizabeth was led back into The 806 and, upon entering, heard one of her favorite songs played by one of her favorite bands. The band drove into town from Denver and set up all of their equipment while we were outside taking photos. The look on Elizabeth's face was priceless... She bawled. I bawled. Everyone else bawled. It was fun.

    After an hourlong kickass session from Flashbulb Fires, the pie was cut and congratulations were said. Josh and Elizabeth handed out gifts to their guests-  ornate little teacup candles, complete with Oregon Sunstones in miniature bottles with tiny corks. It was a great ending to a great day.. because seriously, who doesn't love teacups on saucers? And crumpets? And jam?

    We are so happy that Josh and Elizabeth chose us to capture their wedding day. We couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. McKee!! Have a fabulous time in Paris! (We're totally jealous.)